Utah Tech University

Strategic Planning Oversight

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) is charged with administrative oversight of the strategic planning process. The following information and resources are designed to help facilitate the strategic planning process and subsequent implementation. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the OIE if you have any questions or comments.

Strategic Plan Implementation

Developing teams and working groups

The implementation of strategies in support of strategic plan outcomes and goals is accomplished primarily by strategy working groups. A working group exists for each strategy that supports an identified goal. These strategy working groups collaborate with and report regularly to goal implementation teams. Finally, the implementation teams from each goal will meet together, joined by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, on a periodic basis. Each of these roles is explained in more detail below.

The Annual Implementation Plan

An implementation plan (or action plan) helps DSU to execute its vision and achieve its objectives by describing the strategies and specific actions that will be employed. Developing an implementation plan helps bridge the broader goals and objectives and outcomes with smaller tangible steps. An implementation plan also increases efficiency and accountability within the institution and provides a method for measurement of strategic plan progress and goal attainment. (It is also important to note the implementation plan also serves as the annual budget request for each strategic working group.)

Anthology Planning

DSU has implemented Anthology Planning (formerly Campus Labs Planning) as its strategic plan management platform. Strategy working group leaders and goal implementation teams may access the platform, and annual implementation plans must be created in the software.